Bangkok Travel TipsThailand is a beautiful place to visit, and when you think of Bangkok, many famous movies may come to mind. Home to a culture known for its wild and eccentric nature – it’s the most fun place to go!

But something they don’t show you in the movies is how troublesome it can be to adjust to a foreign land. So here are some tips for traveling to Bangkok:

Tips For Travel To Bangkok
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Carry Photocopies

Carrying some form of ID is vital in a foreign land, especially in Thailand. This could be requested from you by security personnel or even police officers.

It is a bit of formality to prove your identity, so it is crucial to have your ID on you at all times.

But an excellent way to get around the fear of carrying your original ID and having it get stolen or lost is to get photocopies made and take those with you. This will ensure that you can prove your identity and not fear losing valuable information which could land you stranded away from home.

Carry A Map

This country can be a confusing one to navigate, especially for someone who isn’t local and has a thorough understanding of the areas.

Foreigners can find it challenging to get around in a place that lacks organization and planning, which is why it is imperative to carry an excellent English-Translated map with you at all times.

This can be done via carrying a physical map or by using Google Maps or other navigation applications. You may still face confusion with online apps, primarily since some street names and places may be written in Thai script, so you’ll need to translate those.

Remember To Hydrate

Bangkok is widely known for its hot and humid temperatures, so if you are not careful, you can face dehydration.

Because you lose a ton of fluids through sweating, you should always try to drink lots of water and keep cold water bottles in insulated bottles with you.

However, Tips For Travel To Bangkok on you can also find water at drink vendors all around the city, so you won’t have to worry too much about finding clean water.

Negotiate Prices

Something you can commonly find when you are shopping in Bangkok is that bartering is a fairly common practice.

However, there are ways of bartering, and you can always adopt a friendly attitude and get haggling in a friendly manner instead of using a negative approach.

You can get the price down by slightly less than half of the original, but at least 10% is expected. And if you feel that you are being ripped off, you can always walk away and expect to be called back for a lower-price offer.


As Bangkok is not the type of city that you can easily walk around in, you should try to plan your visit. What places, in particular, would you like to see and explore?

Settling these factors will help you to plan a route accordingly and make the most of your time rather than struggling to navigate and ending up feeling like you haven’t seen or accomplished the things you wanted to.

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