Going to the beach is a rich experience that should not be spoiled by forgetting something important at home. In this article, I will guide you on what to take to the beach during that weekend day or on your vacation so that you can enjoy the sand, the sun, and the sea to the fullest, these are the best beach stuff to take to the beach:

Pack Comfortable and Fresh Clothes

15 Best Beach Stuff You Should PrepareTo stay cool all the time, we recommend packing cotton or linen clothing, as well as brightly colored shirts or tropical prints, or whatever suits your style best. If you are a woman, you can choose to wear different colored blouses and skirts that you can combine with sandals or casual shoes.

It is very likely that during your trip to the beach you will not need too formal clothes, although it never hurts to pack clothes for an event or special occasion. Some hotel restaurants require a dress code to access.


Your swimsuit is perhaps one of the best beach stuff that you will not want to forget for the world on your next trip to fully enjoy the beach.

If you are a woman, we recommend you bring two or three swimsuits of different colors or patterns, depending on the number of days your trip to the beach lasts, in this way you can also combine them with each other if you wear bikinis.

If you are a man, you can wear trunks or shorts, as well as a short or long-sleeved shirt with sun protection to take care of your skin in periods of long exposure to the sun.

It is very important to rinse your swimsuit with fresh water to remove excess sand from the beach or chlorine from the pool.


15 Best Beach Stuff You Should PrepareEnjoy the sun but without it hurting you. To do this, take and apply good sunscreen or sunscreen. I always recommend Nivea products for their excellent quality and track record.

You can also use the high-protection Nivea SPF 30 Moisturizing Sun Cream in 400 ml, waterproof. As always, you will have a very pleasant texture and smell.

When you go with children or babies, sunscreen in factor 50 or 70 is the most indicated, ideal also for adults who do not want to tan. The Australian Gold line is equally excellent and very pleasant on the skin. A more ecological and environmentally friendly alternative, in addition to the health of the body, is biodegradable sunscreens whose components do not seriously impact fauna or marine ecosystems.

Towel for drying

Best beach stuffThe bath towels cotton and does not shed lint are wonderful to be in the sand. That’s why to carry this kit of soft and thick towels in various sizes.

Another excellent option is to bring microfiber towels of various sizes that are quite light, very soft, lint-free, and warm. They are the ones you need if you want to lie on the sand because it does not stick.

Hat or cap

The traditional straw hat if you want to cover your face from the sun. It is easily folded to carry in your luggage and has a wide brim. You can choose between beige, white, black, pink or dark blue. For those who like caps, there is also a wide variety. Get a sober and cotton design that goes with everything. It is ideal for girls and boys.

Special shoes for water or land activities

As going to the beach involves walking on the sand, in the water, or on surfaces with rocks or logs, you can not miss the special and appropriate shoes. The idea is to have a pleasant walk while protecting your feet from any mistreatment or animal. I recommend this best beach stuff with an elastic and breathable fabric that prevents sand from entering the shoe. It has 7 holes in the plant so that the water comes out quickly, without abandoning the greatness of its designs or comfort.

Glasses or sunglasses

15 Best Beach Stuff You Should Prepare sunglassesThe sunglasses are in addition to the swimsuit and the suncream an item that you should never forget on a day at the beach. As the idea is to look fashionable but with protection, I leave you a unisex model that protects you from exposure to UVA, UVB, UVC, and harmful blue light. Also, it makes the scene clearer and smoother.

A comfortable and elegant design that is flexible, light, and strong, less likely to break, especially on beach trips. The glasses come with a hard case, a cover, a cleaning cloth, and a polarization test. You can choose between three models.

Portable cooler

Spending hours in the sun requires an excellent, rigid, and spacious cooler, like this Coleman brand with a 49-liter capacity. Quality and durability are also present.

Its lid, which you can use as a table, has 4 cup holders. The cooler is made of anticorrosive materials so taking it to the beach will not be a problem, because it also has an anti-drip drain that will not dirty the car.


– Magazines, books, hobbies … And there is nothing better than reading and resting by the sea. The feeling is extremely relaxing.

– iPod, radio, mobile … Sometimes we can lie quietly on the towel listening to our favorite music.

– Photo camera… And is that some of the best moments of the summer occur when we are at the beach with friends or family. So don’t forget to take it and portray every movement.

Mini portable music stereo player

Moments on the beach will be better with music, so you should bring a wireless mini music stereo that works with Bluetooth. This equipment is special for outdoor with HD audio. Suitable to connect with iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, Smartphones, and tablets. It also has USB and TF card ports. Its battery is lithium and rechargeable. It is very light to carry by hand or in a travel backpack.

Umbrella or roof for shade

It is a kind of roof or fabric made with a combination of nylon and lycra, which makes it resistant to water and UV rays. In the style of an open beach tent designed to withstand strong breezes.

You can carry it as a handbag because its practicality is impressive, which makes it superior to traditional umbrellas. You can also choose from various stamp designs.

Folding beach chairs

It is a spectacular chair model with a breathable mesh back and seat that includes a holder for glasses, to be close to the sand. A way to be very comfortable.

A folding chair with steel rods that you can comfortably carry in the car. It comes in two colors.

Hair conditioner

Taking care of your hair during the hours that you will be in the sun is also important. You wipe off the excess water with a towel and then apply the hair moisturizer lower than your roots, from mid-length to ends. It is equally favorable for the days after the beach because it will contribute to hair recovery.

Moisturizing lipstick or lip balm

It is important that you keep your lips well hydrated with a lip balm or lipstick. Hawaiian Tropic is a long-established brand that has this amazing lip applicator as a moisturizing balm while protecting the lips from UV rays.

It is waterproof, does not leave you with an unpleasant wax texture, has vitamins A, C, and E, and protects you from UVB and UVA rays, with an SPF factor of 45.


– For water: inflatable mats, surfboards for children, balls or balls, water pistols … Any of them must be soft and easy to transport since if they are going to be used by children, their safety must be guaranteed.

– For the sand: the traditional buckets and shovels can never be missing from our beach bag. Children and adults can enjoy making various shapes with the sand. In addition, beach rackets are another of the typical games of beach days. Even volleyball is frequently practiced on beaches that have nets and public spaces.

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