Even if the definition of a comfortable home living can be very subjective, for me, the best property is one where I can live safely and comfortably and has super easy access to things we need and use normally.

Last week only, I had to find a property for comfortable home living for one of my colleagues, and it has been a great learning experience for me.

If you’re looking for the best property for a comfortable life but are unsure how to find one easily in 2024, then read this blog.

How to Pick the Best Property For A Comfortable Living Home in 2024

Today, in this article, I’m talking about everything you want to know to find the best property for a comfortable living.

How to Find the Best Property For a Perfect Living in 2024?

But before we jump into our main topic, let me take just a few minutes of your time and put everything in the right perspective. A home that’s perfect for you mightn’t be as comfortable.

So, it’s always important to pick a home that meets your living standards, priorities, features, and space requirements. If you’re happy living in it, that is the perfect property for your home.

However, we must consider some basic things while finding the best property. That’s, you’d think about all those essential aspects that make your life in a particular house perfect and choose accordingly.

And, if you’re unsure about what to look for and how to find the best property for comfortable living, continue reading.

Hopefully, you’ll get an idea of what needs to be considered while search a home.

So, how to pick the best property for a comfortable home living in 2024? Let’s dig into it.

Location of the Property

How to Pick the Best Property For A Comfortable Living Home

Buyers want to find a perfect location that permits easy access to the places they frequent the most (school, work, place of worship, shopping, friends, and family). Look for easy access to the main highways and roads and check traffic flow.

Source: Youtube @How to Choose the Right Location for Your Property.

Checking this out before final purchase can help save you from hassles getting out of the neighborhood and onto the main road or from an unreasonably long commute.

The home’s location within the neighborhood is extremely important to several people. Some people prefer near the main entry, while others love to be away from traffic and further into the development.

Some owners will pick the closest available lot if there’s a part, recreation area, and pool. Cul-de-sacs are favored by some buyers and some like living on the main boulevard.

Discuss your preferences, and ask your realtor if certain lot areas bring a higher purchase price. We assessed the cost of living across cities and compared them to the National average. Cost of living is calculated on five main categories: Food, housing, transportation, healthcare, and energy.

Approvals and Sanctions

Perfect home living

Whether you’re buying a home in an under-construction housing society, a newly constructed housing complex, or a resale flat in a small apartment complex, the 1st and the most vital thing to consider is approval and sanctions of the property.

And the right way to get this right is to hire an attorney with experience in real estate market-related matters and get the papers checked and verified to be double-sure that there’s no dispute whatsoever with the land, building, or flat you’re considering buying.

This mightn’t sound serious initially, but trust me, real-estate scams and frauds are real and occur worldwide. When you’re a pro real estate lawyer or a property agent or legal advisor, they can check through everything e.g.

  • Building Sanctioned plans
  • Land use and conversion
  • Necessary approvals from a local author.

Apart from looking at legal matters of the project or building, you need to check the background and credentials of the developer as well.

Size of the Lot

Several people give little thought to the size of the home‘s lot. With a neighborhood, the lot size might be fairly the same. Once you show and look at what is available, you will soon see if you have a clear preference for a small or large interior or corner.

Some lots are pie-shaped, a few are rectangular, and a few are irregular in shape. Depending on the privacy level, how you’ll use the yard, and the driveway length, they might matter to you.

Suppose there looks to be a question about where one lot ends and another starts; check the lot description and dimensions with your realtor. If you find a property with two lots, think about the possibilities.

If the 2nd lot is building, you’d possibly add another building (workshop, extra garage, etc.), or you might split the property, build a 2nd home and sell it or sell the lot as is.

Look for Safer Neighborhoods

Safety always comes 1st, and therefore, while searching for your next comfortable home, you should forever look for safe neighborhoods and areas. And as we’re talking about the safety concerns, it is not the place has to be safer during the day. It’d be safer during the odd times as well.

You cannot compromise the safety of your family. Until and unless your neighborhoods appear safer, it would not be wise to relocate to such neighborhoods.

And the right way to gauge the safety parameters is to check with the locals, talk to others residing in the part of the area and then take a call. You might also check the crime rate in the city before choosing.

Age of a Property

When buying a property, especially the home you have been thinking about for your whole life, the physical property makes a huge difference. Buying new or older homes has its advantages and drawbacks, so be aware of what you are signing up for before submitting an offer.

Do you pass out over the irreplaceable charm offered by old houses? Would you fall in love with a property that offers its built-in dumbwaiter and a hidden servant’s staircase?

If so, tailor your research to all those historic diamonds in the rough. Though, be aware that older properties tend to need a bit more TLC than their newer counterparts.

Alternatively, does your property need no more work than turning the key in the front door?

Do you dream of a closet big enough to hold your more than substantial wardrobe and an updated primary bathroom that feels like a spa?

In that case, new construction might be a great fit. If you can get in on the ground floor, you might even be able to pick certain features while the house is being built and customize it further to your preferences and needs.

Taxes and Cost of Living

Comfortable home living

Your location can also greatly impact what you will pay in taxes and other living expenses. Investigate what you will likely pay:

  • Property taxes
  • Sales tax at local stores
  • Utility bills
  • Homeowners and automobile insurance

For example, a home on a big plot of land will likely have huge party property taxes than one home with a small backyard. And homes in danger-prone areas like a high-risk flood zone – can be very expensive to insure.

All these additional costs will increase your monthly housing bill and overall living costs. So take your time and compare each expense if you consider property in multiple locations.

Your Ideal Home Style

Home living

Whether it is a style of living or your property’s aesthetic, you have to make sure a comfortable home is one that you will be proud to pull up to each day.

Since a house’s appearance is one of the primary things you notice about a property, finding a style of home that fits your personality is extremely important. Single homes are a wonderful option for those who want the freedom to customize their property to their specifications.

Comfortable condo living is for people who want to own their own house while still having access to hotel-style amenities. Town House living provides a compromise between the 2, but every association is different, so ensure you are aware of the policies linked with every community.

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Once you know which living style you prefer, concentrate on the aesthetic. A modern and minimalist condo community looks like a night and day from a single Victorian property. Think about the various houses you see as you go about your day. Note the ones you’d see calling home and which styles are a complete turnoff.

Number of Bedrooms

Best property

The number of rooms you want in your home can be a vital decision, and sometimes we make the absolute wrong choice here. For example, if you’re just married and planning to have a baby in 2-3 years, and no other family members are staying with you, then you might think that a standard two-bedroom apartment is good. And it’s good as well, as it suits your requirements.

But five years later, you might need another guest room so that a three-bedroom home will make more sense. But does that mean you’d purchase a three-bedroom home instead of 2?

The answer might be both yes and no.

Yes, if you can afford it, it’ll not damage your financial status badly.

No, if it affects your finances badly because might after ten years, you’ll be in a position to purchase new property with state-of-the-art facilities. It depends on your budget, requirements, overall property costs, and abilities to finance the total costs.

Take everything into account, and then call on the number of bedrooms and rooms you’d have in a home that you’re going to buy in 2024. But, think about the future as we often do not buy a new property. It is a one-time investment and a huge one for several of us.

Number of Bathrooms

Decide ahead of time many baths you prefer. Older houses might have only one, and buyers often look to add more. If there’s only one bathroom, be sure you can live without the arrangement if remodeling is not feasible.

Newer properties generally have two or more bathrooms, though some mightn’t have a shower or tub. The style and size of the bathroom are extremely important as well. Do you want a shower or bathtub or both?

Jacuzzi tubs are good for comfort and relaxation, and some prefer a shower stall for easy access. If you need a handicap-accessible bathroom, you can seem for that, or a sizable bathroom that could be remodeled.

Think about people, including your guests, who’ll be using the bathrooms, and you will get a clear idea of the size and style of the bathroom that’ll work best for your family’s comfort.

Condition of Home Appliances

Appliances are costly to replace. If they’re damaged, it’ll impact your comfort. Take the time to estimate the condition and age of each. You might also have some solid preferences.

For example, you might enjoy cooking on the gas stove and dislike the electric option. For some people, these kinds of small differences can be deal breakers. If they’re for you, let your realtor know.

A typical kitchen has several appliances. If there’s any, you cannot do without, check to see that the home provides that convenience or that there’s room to add it later. Some are simple to add than others.

Check the dryer, washer, water softener, heather and boiler or furnace, humidifier, and Air conditioner. If they’re wood stoves or fireplaces, it is great to know if they’ve been maintained rightly.

You can make an educated guess at the time of appliances, and your home inspector can report it later. When looking at the house, do not assume that all appliances will stay with the home.

Check your property listing to see which parts of the contract are and which are not. If most of the mechanical systems and appliances seem dated, you must be aware of replacement costs.


Home living price

It is very important that you don’t put unwanted financial pressure on yourself while finding a house to live comfortably. You can never be happy if you land up in financial problems for overspending on a house that you thought would be comfortable and perfect.

A perfect house comes from happiness, but nobody can stay relaxed and at peace when in a monetary crisis.

In contrast, if you rent/buy a house within your budget, that mightn’t be perfect physically in each way but will be ideal for you and your family to live comfortably.

Source: Youtube @Stress Free Budgeting For Buying A House.

So before starting the home hunt for renting or purchasing, you’d think of a handy budget and then accordingly take a call.

Potential for Future Projects

Even your dream house will need a little construction – as it should. Whether you have spent years wishing for a chef-style kitchen, tricked-out media room, or a poolside backyard oasis, it is unlikely that those features will be exactly to your specification from the time you sign the deed.

Keep a close eye on how much customization will be needed in every property you see. Be honest about how much of that work you can handle, even if it occurs slowly over time.

If you know your way around some power tools, ensure you are okay with the investment of time needed. If you would prefer to have an expert job, get ready to set aside a sizeable chunk of change.

Think about small and big projects – everything from painting the dining area to completely gutting your master bath.

Inspect the Property

Source: Youtube @7 Things to Inspect when Buying a House.

Before you finally pick a property to buy, it’s vital to inspect the home rightly. And especially so, if you’ve seen the property pictures on the internet or just checked the photos in the catalog etc. therefore, it’s vital to inspect the property physically, and only when you’re completely satisfied with what you’ve seen, you’d go ahead and purchase your home.

If in case you’re not present in the city physically, or you’re out of the city, even then you’d try and see the property physically.

But if you’re unable to do so, then at least ask anyone from your family to inspect the property.

Be Patient

Do not let your patients get the better of you. Don’t do mistakes or hurry to buy a home; buying a property is a big deal and will impact your life. There’s an art to buying a home, and patience is a huge part of it.

Impatience leads to costly and inadequate purchases. If your patience is the reason for losing out on a deal, do not worry, homes and properties come and go on the market.

On the other side, your impatience could be the reason for making a bad purchase, consequently throwing your hard-earned money down the drain.

On the other hand, your impatience could be the direct reason for making a bad purchase and

End Words…

Home is not just a place, it’s an emotion. So, when searching for a new house or property, you should listen to your heart. Apart from that, there’re also a few general facts to consider before purchasing a flat, home, or apartment.

Be it the location, price of the property, the size of the home, or your commute time; you go to consider all before taking the ultimate decision of buying a home.

What else do you think you’d look for when looking for the best home for comfortable living in 2024? Feel free to share your favorite property-finding tips by commenting below.

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