Italy Travel Tips – Italy is a beautiful place to visit for travelers. From the language to the culture, the food to the architecture, there is something for everyone to admire and relish in this glorious place.

However, traveling as a foreigner can be difficult, and the new place can be difficult to get accustomed to. This is why we will discuss some tips for when you travel to Italy.

Tips For Travel To Italy
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More To Discover

Tourists don’t realize that there is more to Italy than just the mainland. This is why you should try to explore some of the other areas – like the Mediterranean Islands!

Bread Has Extra Charges

Foreigners may not realize this, but when the waiters at restaurants put bread on your table – there are charges for that.

They will often consider this complimentary until they check the bill afterward, so don’t forget to ask them beforehand.

Free Drinking Water

The drinking water is clean and safe in cities like Venice and Rome. Best of all – it’s free!

A little hack would be to get yourself a reusable or refillable bottle and fill them up whenever you’re out and about.

Getting Lost Isn’t Fun

Getting lost in a foreign country where you can’t even speak the language can be a terrifying and traumatic experience – certainly not the vibe you’re looking for on your vacation.

You should always have an offline maps app downloaded to keep yourself from getting lost and make it easier to navigate around the different areas you visit safely.

Get Your Tickets Stamped

An important thing to note is that while traveling on the bus or train, you should always get your ticket stamped on the machines.

Most foreigners may not be aware of how important that is and get fined by the inspectors.

This validation machine will usually be found on all public trains and buses, so keep this tip in mind.


As a foreigner traveling from the European Union, you are entitled to a free EHIC card. You may be unaware of it being free and accidentally end up paying for it.

This card is issued by the Government of the country you reside in, and it gives you access to similar health care benefits in other countries and also a part of the EU.

However, this is still different from travel insurance and should not be used as a replacement.

Chow Down On Pizza

Pizza is a commodity that is readily available in almost all the stalls found in most towns of Italy.

You can easily find a couple of slices at very low rates, and the taste is heavenly and something all tourists should experience!

Northern Italy Vs. Southern Italy

Tourists may think that both parts of Italy are identical – but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

In the north, you’ll find it to have a bit of a short life. While in the south, the people are more laid-back. Each side is an experience of its own!

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