It’s not just any city — It’s the City of Phoenix! Founded in around 3,000 BC, this vibrant metropolitan area has a lot to offer travelers looking for a great place to live. From world-class architecture and top-notch dining to unique nightlife and outdoor activities, there are many reasons why living in Phoenix is the best decision you’ll ever make!

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to explore the best spots to live in Phoenix so you can give yourself a reason to call this “The Best Place To Live In The World!”

Great weather year-round!

A dense, rainy, and cold winter can be a bummer, but not in Phoenix. November and December are the coldest months of the year and the city’s temperature rarely drops below 50 degrees.

This doesn’t stop locals from enjoying winter-friendly activities like skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, and more. If you’re lucky enough to have a nice snowfall, you can shovel out your car or bike during your commute to work!

Easy commute to anywhere in the Country

You’ll love the convenience of the Valley’s quick commute to the rest of the country. The average commute time is only 35 minutes, and 90 percent of the traffic is on freeways. That means you don’t have to deal with traffic, the need to park your car, or deal with the cold weather during your commute.

Live like a local

Living in Phoenix meet people in Arizona
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It’s not just the architecture that makes Phoenix stand out as a great place to live. The city itself is full of character and diversity, from the luxurious Metropolitan at the top down to the rest of the city’s neighborhoods.

Those looking for a more active lifestyle can check out the city’s many indoor and outdoor activities. There’s everything from ziplining to hiking and biking, so you won’t be too left or right out.

All-inclusive apartment rates

Why Living in Phoenix, Arizona is the Best Decision You'll Ever Make!
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If you’re interested in living a different type of lifestyle, look no further. A large portion of single-family homes in the city are rentals, and many of them have been upgraded to all-inclusive rates.

If you’re interested in maintaining a higher standard of living, you may be interested in all-inclusive rentals. These can be great if you’re trying to save money for a large purchase or if you’re planning on moving in with a new partner.

Nightlife and Entertainment

Why Living in Phoenix, Arizona is the Best Decision You'll Ever Make!
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If you’re looking for a fun, active way to spend your evenings, the city has something for everyone. From bustling open-air markets in the Old Town to fun spots in the Art District, there are plenty of options for both day and nightlife.

Check out The Stores to see what all the parties are about, and be sure to keep an eye out for live music and entertainment throughout the city.

World-class Architecture

As if the nightlife and entertainment weren’t enough, the city also has some of the best architecture in the world to visit.

From the city’s ancient temples to its shining skyscrapers, the architecture in Phoenix is truly amazing. You can visit the site of the city’s first fire station to see how firefighting was once a core part of city life.

If you’re interested in experiencing a more authentic side to life in the city, there are plenty of things to do that don’t involve sitting in a fancy office.

Stylish Apartments and Shops

Stylish Apartments and Shops
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If you’re looking for a safe, reliable place to call home, look no further. Most single-family homes in the city are in foreclosure, meaning they’re cheap and easy to borrow. On the other hand, the city has a wide variety of modern and historic properties for rent, as well as great shopping at Old Town Mercantile.

Family-friendly Neighborhoods

If you’re interested in maintaining a healthy relationship with your family, you’ll love the close proximity of parks, sporting events, and activities in the city.

There are plenty of neighborhood associations that have activities for families such as stroller-friendly events and family-friendly cookouts. The city also has plenty of big-name sporting events every year, including the NBA All-Star Game and Super Bowl.

Rich in Cultural Diversity

One of the greatest things about living in Phoenix is the cultural diversity you’ll find throughout the city. From the bustling Old Town filled with restaurants, markets, and activities to the vibrant, racially-diverse Art District, you’re bound to find something interesting to explore. If you’re interested in experiencing different cultures, there are plenty of events and activities for everyone.

What’s next?

Well, after living in the best city in the world, what’s next? For one, we recommend visiting the museums and ruins of Mexico City, as well as fellowScotchtown, Indiana for some fun in the sun.

We also suggest taking a hard look at churches throughout the city and the country, as well as the art and architecture of other cities. After all, what’s better than living in a city and visiting it again and again?

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