Insider Tips for Exploring Tokyo – Tokyo is a city filled with amazing things. This wild city has a good mix of activities – from visiting the imperial palace to gazing at the cherry blossoms, to singing karaoke and having lots of fantastic food to eat.

However, one could get overwhelmed with the brilliant possibilities, so here are some things you should do when you go on your next visit to Tokyo.

Things To Do On Your Visit To Tokyo
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Explore Roppongi Hills

There are several buildings to see, all of which were designed by renowned architects, as well as a number of public art installations.

It’s completely free to visit here; all you have to do is grab a ride up the hill. Here you’ll discover Mori Tower, one of the city’s highest structures, as well as the Tokyo City View, which gives one of the city’s most incredible views.

Enjoy A Sumo Match

Three times a year, tournaments are held at Kokugikan, Japan’s most famous sumo wrestling venue.

Sumo wrestling as we know it now comes from the 17th century, but its roots go back considerably deeper. It is still one of the most popular traditions in the country today.

Tickets sell out quickly, so get yours now. Visit one of the sumo stables to learn more about the sport. You should also book your visits well beforehand.

Check Out The Hachiko Statue

The Hachiko Statue, which dates from 1925, is a life-size dog statue. Hachiko continued to go to the train station to wait for the dog’s owner to return from work even after he died. And he did so for more than a decade.

In Japan, the dog is a national hero, and his story is well-known because it displays qualities such as loyalty and dedication, which are highly prized in this country.

In front of Shibuya Station is where the statue resides.

Look At Mount Fuji From Hakone

Mount Fuji can be seen from Hakone, which is a beautiful area to visit.

Hakone, just over an hour from Tokyo, is one of the most excellent spots to get away from the city, relax for a few days, and admire Fuji-san, one of Japan’s three sacred mountains.

In the area, there are various guesthouses, many of which have their own hot springs. It’s a beautiful place for a romantic break if you’re traveling with that special someone.

Spoil Yourself At Akihabara Electric Town

This is the electronic equivalent of Tokyo’s Tsukiji Market. You can find almost anything you’ve ever imagined, as well as everything you’ve never imagined.

Many new electronics are put to the test here. With loads of bright lights and prominent advertising, the neighborhood gives a futuristic air to it. It looks like something from a science fiction film.

Local artists also sell their work.

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